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Joshua Tree NP & Big Morongo Preserve

On the southern border of the high and low deserts, this area is great for desert species and the oases are wonderful migrant traps.

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is a high desert oasis situated at the top of a canyon that connects the low and high deserts. The canyon naturally funnels birds to the oasis. Migrants are king in the spring and fall, and higher altitude birds winter here.

Joshua Tree National Park contains both high and low deserts. Bendire's Thrashers and Scott's Orioles are the targets in the main part of the park, while Black Rock Campground near Yucca Valley has thrashers, Gambel's Quail, Ladder-backed Woodpeckers, Pinyon Jays, and Black-throated Sparrows year round.

Area Specialties

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