SoCal Birding Guides - Owens Valley Area

The Owens Valley is a high desert area with easy access (weather permitting) to many high mountain habitats in the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains. Most SoCal birders make this trip in early April to see the Sage Grouse mating rituals on the leks, to hear booming Blue Grouse, and to see the Gray Rosy-Finches before they leave the feeders for higher atlitudes. Once Tioga Pass opens, you can get to Yosemite from here.

In the White Mountains at Westgard Pass you can find Juniper Titmouse, Pinyon Jay, and Woodhouse Scrub-Jay (a potential split from Western Scrub-Jay). Black-throated Sparrow and occaisionally Chukar can be found on the way up the pass.

Area Specialties